NextGen - through its global activities and events - enables and facilitates better understanding of the environmental, social and economic components of sustainable development.



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Interviews with many of our speakers and sponsors can be seen on NextGenTV


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Chi Onwurah MP host for the NextGen 2012 Challenge Awards during the presentation evening at the House of Commons Members' Dining Room on 8 October 2012

About NextGen


NG Events Ltd creates, produces and manages unique events, conferences and study tours to highlight and bring about change in wider global sustainable development issues. We started in 2008 with our first NextGen conference in anticipation of the need to transform the UK's broadband infrastructure and to showcase key players in this new market and have come a long way since.

To enable fresh thinking the 'Digital Scotland 2013' and 'Intelligent Cities' Conferences were launched. With 21c - a specialist global ICT innovation firm we are offering a set of practical open data workshops and tools and with partner Ventura Next we offer workshops and mini-MBAs in NextGen Fibre Networks.

In 2016 we started to work with new clients including the Global Wind Energy Council and the Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL) - addressing issues of climate change challenges.

Our dedicated NextGen TV channel features interviews with many of our key presenters and partners.

Our services include

  • consultancy and advice
  • event conceptualisation and production
  • conference and meeting management and support
  • exposition and trade show management and delivery
  • speaker search and management
  • agenda development
  • awards conceptualisation, management and delivery
  • study tour development and execution
  • budget setting
  • event registration systems
  • signage
  • marketing, social media and video services
  • and so much more ......

We are innovative in our approach when conceptualising new events and services, are client orientated and work closely with our clients and partners to ensure that client needs and demands are met. NextGen has the appropriate contacts, processes and systems to ensure excellence in the delivery of its events and services, as well as a number of key partnerships. Collaboration with our partners enables us to stay abreast of new developments and facilitates fresh content development. We pride ourselves on our quality of service and personal approach, which is evident in feedback from delegates and clients.

Contact for more information. NG Events Ltd is directed by Marit Hendriks.

Conferences and Events at a glance
  • 2008 - NextGen 08 - Manchester 
  • 2009 - NextGen 09 - Leeds
    NextGen Roadhows 09: Basingstoke, Birmingham, Bristol, Gateshead, Manchester and Nottingham.
  • 2010 - NextGen 10 - Birmingham
    NextGen Roadshows 10: Belfast, Bridgwater, Edinburgh and Newmarket.
  • 2011 - NextGen 11 - Bristol
    NextGen Roadshows 11: Edinburgh, Kent, Essex and Nottingham
    Community Study Tour Sweden
  • 2012 - NextGen 12 - Westminster, London
    NextGen Roadshows 12: York, Milton Keynes, Edinburgh and Bristol
    Study Tour Fibre in the Netherlands
  • 2013 - NextGen 13 - Wembley, London
    Digital Scotland Conference & Expo 2013 - Edinburgh (download the event programme)
    Intelligent Cities Conference & Expo 2013 - Leeds
    Digital Discovery USA Study Tour
  • 2014 - NextGen 14 - Derby
    NextGen Scotland - Glasgow
    Intelligent Cities Conference - Bradford
  • 2015 - NextGen 15 - London
    Open data workshops (countrywide)
    Mini-MBA in NextGen Networks
    Joining Digital Dots - study tour Toronto, Canada
  • 2016 - NexGen16@Connected Britain - London
    Super Connected Business Conference - Chelmsford, Essex (with Essex County Council)
    Trillion Dollar Transformation pre-launch, Rockefeller Brothers Fund - New York, USA (with the Center for International Environmental Law)
    The O2 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards Ceremony at the House of Lords, London
    Financing Wind Power in Argentina, Buenos Aires (with the Global Wind Energy Council)