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NextGen15 is moderated by Richard Jones - CCO VenturaNext

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Richard is responsible for planning, deploying and running nextgen networks from Kazakhstan to the Caribbean and from the Arctic Circle to the Southern tip of Africa. His clients range from incumbents through to alternative operators and from electricity companies through to wastewater companies. 

NextGen15 - Location and Directions

NextGen15 is on 5 November in the Jeffery Hall, 20 Bedford Way, Institute of Education, London. The Dinner and Awards ceremony take place in the Peers' Dining Room in the House of Lords from 19.30 to 22.30.



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Chi Onwurah MP host for the NextGen 2012 Challenge Awards during the presentation evening at the House of Commons Members' Dining Room on 8 October 2012


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Costs Down, Value Up: Reviewing Connectivity Infrastructure Investment for the UK
20 Bedford Way - London - 5 November 2015 

The view, established more than 2 decades ago, was that broadband technologies were horrendously costly to deploy and the prospects for future revenues to support that investment were extremely uncertain. Time, experience, technological advances, evidence from around the world, new expertise and greater clarity on national economic imperatives all suggest that we should now be ‘reviewing the situation’.

LATEST NEWS: Anna Krzyżanowska - Head of Unit 'Broadband' DG CONNECT, European Commission to speak at NextGen

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Anna Krzyżanowska will be presenting an update on European Commission initiatives in Broadband Policy, Regulation and Financing, and will be interviewed on stage by our event moderator Richard Jones.

Opening Keynote by Richard Hooper CBE


We're delighted to announce that Richard Hooper CBE - Chair Broadband Stakeholder Group - will deliver the opening Keynote at NextGen15. Richard will address the question: Is the UK on track to meet its digital needs? Richard Hooper has devoted his career to the converging worlds of media, communications and technology. He began his career as a radio and TV producer in the BBC, and was a founder of the Open University. He went on to work for BT and ITV before becoming Chairman of the Radio Authority 2000-2003, and then Deputy Chairman of Ofcom 2002-2005, and Chairman of Informa plc 2005-2007.

President FTTH Council Europe joins the line-up

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Newly appointed President Edgar Aker will give his take on fibre maturity in an interview with NextGen15 moderator Richard Jones - CCO VenturaNext. Edgar was appointed President of the FTTH Council Europe in April 2015. He has been an active member of the FTTH Council Europe since 2007, and a Member of the Board since October 2011, representing Prysmian Group.


The NextGen 15 Workshops and Trade Fair brings together manufacturing muscle, management expertise and globally-informed research teams, to explore:

  • is the UK on track to meet its digital needs
  • 21c century network advances - improved technologies, sharper management and keener customers
  • unique rural solutions - including deployment trends in the rural areas around Europe and satellite developments in the UK
  • fibre maturity - what a difference it makes
  • open data for intelligent communities
  • broadband policy, regulation and financing - an update on European Commission initiatives
  • how to ensure that regulation is fit for purpose in a fibre world
  • wider Wi-Fi: shaping up for Gigabit delivery - where fibre ends gigabit Wi-Fi begins
  • the Brighton digital exchange

Workshop Programme

NextGen15 will also feature case studies by our shortlisted entrants in the NextGen Digital Challenge Awards - with entries from brilliant projects and teams in Smarter City Developments, Urban and Rural Network Infrastructure, Digital Inclusion, Digital Skills Development and Education, Open Data Projects, Digital Innovation and the Sharing Economy.

This 1-day exhibition with interactive workshop sessions is targeted at Local Government, Local Enterprise Partnerships, Property Developers, Infrastructure Investors, Connectivity and Services Providers (Fixed and Mobile) and the entire industry devoted to digital futures.

Who's attending


At a time when public policy demands that infrastructure planners and city leaderships must now invest in long-term resilience to cope with all manner of disruptive shocks, the interactive workshops will provide a rich source of inspiration.


The Trade Fair will be followed by the high profile 2015 NextGen Digital Challenge Awards dinner at the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster, celebrating great exemplars of digital endeavour. See the Shortlisted Finalists

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NextGen reserves the right to make changes to the scheduled programme