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Citadel is designed to help every city - regardless of size and budget - to open and use data quickly and easily. The Citadel network includes over 125 cities, towns and countries spanning 6 continents. Part funded by the European Union’s Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme.


21c is a specialist ICT innovation firm with an unparalleled track record helping cities to Open Data, Work Smarter and deliver results. They regularly advise the United Nations, the European Commission, and international actors around the world about the technological advances that are transforming the world we live in. The company is spearheaded by Dr Julia Glidden.

Julia Glidden's TEDx talk on the smart city as a human centred data city

NextGen Academy

Open Data Workshops and Tools


Let us guide you through the Open Data Maze with our bespoke and practical hands-on workshops brought to you by our partner 21c and promoted by organisations such as the Open Data Institute, Future Cities Catapult and SOCiTM. Last month we ran successful workshops in St Albans and York.

21c's Experience is unique in that they are the only firm in the world whose work is rooted in the real world experience of cities that started to Open Data as far back as the beginning of the Open Data movement in 2010. They were also the first team in the world to link Open Data and Smart Cities and created Citadel Open Data - designed to help every city - regardless of size and budget - to open and use data quickly and easily.

"A lot of organisations focus on Open Data. Citadel is built by Local Authorities for Local Authorities. From getting internal stakeholders onboard and opening and cleaning data sets, through to creating a vibrant data culture in your community, the Citadel team can help you succeed with your Open Data initiative!’’  Martin Ferguson - Head of Policy, Socitm

Case Studies - Manchester, UK and Issy-les-Moulineaux, France

Open Data holds huge promise

  • Efficiency Savings
  • Smart Working
  • Improved Services
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Increased Transparency & Trust

That said, 21c know from work with over 20 UK Local Authorities and 125 cities world wide that opening data is often easier said than done – particularly at a time when governments everywhere are being asked to deliver more with less. To tackle this challenge head on, 21c has used its world leading experience to create a set of practical solutions to help Local Authorities, SMEs and Industry of any size embark on an end-to-end Open Data journey quickly, easily and cost-effectively in 3 easy steps:

Get Planning: Engage critical stakeholders, explore key data concepts and requirements (from privacy through to access and management), up-skill core personnel. Includes: Business Requirements Workshop, Open Data Roadmap and Governance Methodologies & Tools.

Get Started: Identify datasets that align with strategic objectives, reduce Freedom of information requests and address community interests. Train key stakeholders. Clean and release target data sets in an open and reusable form. Includes: Dataset Scan, Stakeholder Training Workshop, Dataset Preparation.

Get Innovating: Avoid costly and closed private sector portals by implementing an open source CKAN Citadel solution to derive business insights and unlock value. Includes: Publishing Portal, Visualisation Tools, Business Intelligence Anaytics.

21c’s Extensive experience helping government organisations create an internal ‘data culture’ that drives innovation is especially designed to deliver impact that pays for itself in the form of reduced operating cost, improved public services and collaborative economic development.

Workshops are designed around your needs and can be delivered in-house or in central London. Data workshops are part of our ongoing professional development programme. Maximum class size 30 participants.

To register your interest and for more information contact:

21c - Founder of Citadel Open Data and Founding Associate of the Open Data Institute