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2017 Study Tour to the ICF Global Summit in New York City


Society is asking a great deal from its leaders

When trying to meet the challenges of city growth or breathing new life into urban & rural communities, where do leaders find the inspiration, insights and capabilities for fresh and sustainable ways forward? There is no shortage of advice – often offered by vested interests. But who can you trust and where are proven solutions? Fortunately our ability to share ideas and inspiration from around the world is now greater than ever – but ideas are difficult to import and adapt without a clear understanding of the context in which they evolved.

This is why our 2017 Study Tour to the Intelligent Community Forum's (ICF) Global Summit in New York City is so valued. Visiting places and meeting others who are grappling with great challenges, injecting fresh perspectives and forming bonds that lift leaders to new capabilities.

This Study Tour will appeal to National, Regional & City leaders who wish to explore the experiences of advanced communities from around the world. Delegates will meet and network with City Mayors, Regulators, Researchers and Policy Developers focused on the social, economic and technological agendas of cohesive communities.

To register your interest for the tour please contact David Brunnen at

For more information about the summit visit here