NextGen - through its global activities and events - enables and facilitates better understanding of the environmental, social and economic components of sustainable development.




VenturaNext designs, builds and manages incredibly efficient and profitable operations for network owners who lack the time, expertise or confidence to exploit their own passive network asset - helping them to increase take-up, generate higher revenues and deliver world-class services to users.

Our team has the systems and skills to deliver state-of-the-art FTTH solutions building on our Swedish heritage in delivering FTTH networks since 1999 - including creating and powering a fibre operator rated number four in the World for service value. We’ll share experience from being lead consultants to many world-class FTTH/NGA networks including a ‘mini’ NBN and the World’s first ‘gigabit everywhere’ incumbent.


NextGen Academy

Mini-MBA in Fibre to the Home and Next Generation Access


What works and what doesn't in deploying infrastructure in the UK

Events will take place throughout 2016 - get in touch if you'd like to host or take part.

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"I thought the day was excellent and I really did get a lot out of the session. I particularly enjoyed the format and the relaxed way the day was delivered by yourself and the team. Richard’s intimate knowledge of our industry allowed for a multitude of topics to be covered off superbly. Being able to discuss and interact with the delegates was refreshing, Richard knew exactly when to impose the agenda, but understood when to let the group take the session in a different direction." Stewart Pert - Sales Account Director Flomatik Network Services

"It was a lovely day spent debating and discussing - enjoyed it tremendously." John Lee - Access Architect Strategy and Architecture Vodafone Technology Network.

Hear the lessons and learn from direct experience of:

  • managing more than 100 municipality and local networks
  • leading NGA deployments in the UK and across the World
  • creation of a mini-National Broadband Network in Oman (in the sewer system)
  • running the network for Africa’s first gigabit broadband operator (if you can do it there….!)
  • the World’s first gigabit everywhere incumbent network
  • an FTTH deployment JV with the electricity operator
  • creating from scratch what became the number four FTTH operator in the World for broadband service value
  • ownership of the number one open-access operator in Sweden
We are bringing you this workshop that was standing room only at the FTTH Council Europe Conference in Warsaw with 200 people registered.

How do you find the right business case? What does it really cost and how do you minimise this? Where can you roll out and where should you avoid?

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Richard Jones - Chief Commercial Officer VenturaNext and a partner in consulting firm Ventura Team - will discuss business models that work (and those that don’t) based on experience from being lead consultant to many world-class FTTH/NGA networks including a ‘mini’ NBN and the World’s first ‘gigabit everywhere’ incumbent. He is responsible for planning, deploying and running networks ranging from incumbents to alternative operators, from electricity companies to wastewater companies, from Kazakhstan to the Caribbean and from the Arctic Circle to the Southern tip of Africa.

Pragmatic, Learning from Real World Examples - not Out-Dated Views and Theories

For property developers, M&E consultants, planners, infrastructure developers, telecoms professionals (incumbents and altnets) and regional and city economic & community strategists, this is an opportunity to re-appraise the assumptions and consider afresh how to future-proof digital infrastructures to achieve economic and social benefits – without risking public sector resources.