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NG Events Ltd - in operation since 2008 - conceptualises and produces unique, high quality conferences, events, awards schemes, professional development training programmes through the NextGen Academy and study tours. NG Events Ltd is directed by Marit Hendriks.


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Open Data Workshops hit ground running 13 Apr 2015

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Our series of bespoke Open Data Workshops hit the ground running last month with successful engagement events in St Albans and York.

In St Albans our team gathered public servants, businesses and students together for a two day series of hands-on, interactive workshops which explored the pros and cons of opening data, examined business cases and best practices from across the UK and featured a unique ‘play with data’ app generation session. Feedback from the series was excellent – with many participants proclaiming how amazed they were to see how easy it can be to transform data into services in a matter of minutes.

In York, our team ran a series of shorter ‘Create Your Own App' workshops to help the city celebrate its Open Data Launch. These rapid-fire sessions helped to show even the staunchest Open Data sceptics the value of using government data to co-create new services.

Stay tuned for our new ‘Create Your Own Open Data Business Case’ workshops!

Julia Glidden - President and Founder 21c

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