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Open Data News 18 May 2015

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Dr Julia Glidden to speak at UN Headquarters on Open Data and Ageing

Julia Glidden - President & Founder 21c - is currently serving as an expert advisor to the United Nations on the 2016 eGoverment Readiness Survey and its working group on ‘Ageing and the Data Revolution. We're delighted to report that Julia has been invited to present at the United Nations in July on her findings.

Open Data report for sharing

If you're interested in the power of Open Data at the local level, then you might enjoy this report.

It represents the findings from a workshop hosted by 21c with the support of the British Standards Institute and the Citadel Open Data Project which brought together 22 participants from Local Government, Central Government and the Private Sector to share their Open Data experiences on the ground. The report provides insight into the current landscape and future direction of the Open City Data terrain in the UK - specifically examining the challenges preventing UK Local Authorities from unlocking the benefits of Open Data as well as practical solutions to address these challenges.

Let us guide you through the Open Data Maze with our bespoke and practical hands-on workshops promoted by organisations such as the Open Data Institute, Future Cities Catapult and SOCiTM.

21c's Experience is unique and unmatched in that they are the only firm in the world whose work is rooted in the real world experience of cities that started to Open Data as far back as the beginning of the Open Data movement in 2010. They were also the first team in the world to link Open Data and Smart Cities and created Citadel Open Data - designed to help every city - regardless of size and budget - to open and use data quickly and easily. More information at

Let us help you 

We're happy to talk to you about your Open Data requirements at any level. Our leading research and the data we have amassed over the years, combined with our Citadel Platform are used extensively by governments and local authorities globally.

"A lot of organisations focus on Open Data. Citadel is built by Local Authorities for Local Authorities. From getting internal stakeholders onboard and opening and cleaning data sets, through to creating a vibrant data culture in your community, the Citadel team can help you succeed with your Open Data initiative!’’. Martin Ferguson - Head of Policy, Socitm

Please get in touch if you'd like further information.

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