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Open Data News - July 16 Jul 2015

21c Showcases Scotland’s Innovative Use of Data to Improve Health Care at UN Expert Group Meeting

For the first time ever, the UN hosted an Expert Group Meeting on ‘Global Ageing and the Data Revolution’ with an eye to ensuring that Post-2015 Sustainable Development Agenda capitalizes upon new approaches to gathering and analyzing age related data.

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21c President & Founder, Dr. Julia Glidden, was asked to lead a session on the innovative use of new online data tools to enhance data collection, policy making and monitoring. After introducing the way in which crowd sourcing and social media are generating an explosion of new data sources for public administrators across the globe, Julia used the session to feature the Scottish Government’s use of acute patient level data to monitor operational day to day statistics on health as well as to link data for planning and research. In particular, Julia featured Scotland’s use of linked data analysis to assess institutional vs. home health care, improve dementia services and structure anticipatory care.

Participants in the Expert Meeting expressed a universal need to make better use of existing data, improve data sharing across departments and organisations and better engage citizens in data collection. Scotland’s focus on using data from the patient through to the community level to achieve its 20/20 Vision to deliver integrated health and social care – whilst entirely new to the Expert Group - represented a timely and well received contribution to the discussion.

The Citadel reveals open data findings by Julia Glidden

The United Nations has proactively researched and promoted open government data across the globe for close to five years now. The Open Data Institute maintains that open data can help "unlock supply, generate demand, and create and disseminate knowledge to address local and global issues." McKinsey & Company report that "seven sectors alone could generate more than $3 trillion a year in additional value as a result of open data." There is no doubt that open data is an important public policy area—one that is here to stay. Yet, for all the grand promises, scratch beneath the surface and one finds a remarkable paucity of hard empirical facts about what is and isn't happening on the ground—in the real world of cities where most of us increasingly live and work. Recent results from Citadel-on-the-Move, a 4 million Euro project funded by the European Commission, are beginning to fill this gap, particularly in terms of better understanding existing open data practice (as opposed to best practice theory) Read more

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Julian Bowrey joins the team

21c are pleased to announce that Julian Bowrey from the Department for Communities and Local Government has joined as Senior Director of Government. Julian has long experience of senior leadership of UK public services and has specialised in using technology to support bettter local public services. His work will focus on facilitating local government to open data efficiently and effectively.

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Partner ICF Opens 2016 Intelligent Community Awards and Invites Nominations From Around the World

Opening data is the easy part - making it relevant and usable are the hard parts. Most cities have open data projects but some excel at creating applications that users adopt. In its global search for outstanding examples, the Intelligent Community Forum has opened its 2016 Award nominations, culminating in selection of the Intelligent Community of the Year next June. Cities large and small, urban and rural, have won the top prize. Nomination is free. Being named a semi-finalist, finalist or top honoree brings international recognition and advances your community on the road to growth. More at

Big Data comes to the Tour de France

South African IT firm Dimension Data plc, a subsidiary of NTT Group, has achieved something of a coup by being selected as the Official Technology Partner of the Tour de France. The company is being tasked with powering the real-time data behind the world’s biggest cycling event, providing TV broadcasters and spectators with up to the second information on all the individual riders competing in the race. Read more

Dr Julia Glidden speaking arrangements

Julia is a regular keynote speaker at events around the globe. You can hear Julia at the following upcoming events:

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